We would like to become a reference within the customs field, well known due to our work methodology, our service quality and the positive impact in each of our customers. We overcome all circumstances in difficult times with constant motivation strength. We expect to gain confidence, generate closeness and be a permanent source for advice within the customs field. Be a trustworthy, creative and enterprising companion next to our customers every step of the way, everyday, always.  
  The objective of our company is oriented to improve our service every day. It is our commitment with our customers to become a trustworthy and solid partner in the management of customs diligences, allowing them to be a step ahead in the coordination of operations. Our purpose is that in each diligence our customers are well represented before the corresponding departments. Being with our customers in their performance and product development, permanently consulting them, with the desire to conform a solid team work, of which they will be proud, supported and motivated to commence new investment projects. For all the above mentioned and much more, we invite you to get to know us.
  Passion for our customers. Committed with quality, honesty, confidence, respect and continuous communications, cordiality, good service and constant improvement. Growth and continuous improvement based on two pillars: honesty and loyalty. Interested in the success of our customers, specially focusing on their needs.
  Welcome to Estudio Barbalace, a comprehensive Bureau of foreign commerce. Through a personalized customer service, our company offers customs and consulting services in the foreign commerce field. We offer a service that fits your needs with permanent dedication and assistance. We focus on business problems and strategies and in the value we can contribute. Working with us produces positive changes. Transparency, honesty and loyalty to our customers are the qualities for which we are acquainted. Our objective is to efficiently attend and suppress hidden expenses that appear unmanageable in order to make these services reasonable.